Thrower & Schwartz attorneys believe in accessible, affordable and aggressive representation for each and every client. We understand that our clients have hired us because they are facing situations, which require valuable legal guidance. This is why we make it a practice to provide our clients with the means to access us personally at all times, so they can feel at ease and understand every step of the process with our South Carolina lawyers.

Whether you have family law issues, were personally injured in an accident, are facing criminal charges and need a criminal defense lawyer, were driving under the influence and need a DUI lawyer or just have a general legal question, contact the Thrower & Schwartz law firm and let us aggressively represent you or your loved ones.

The South Carolina law firm of Thrower & Schwartz is conveniently located in West Ashley, so that we can assist clients throughout Charleston, Berkeley county, Dorchester county, and Colleton. We offer abundant parking at no charge to our clients, to ensure that they do not face the hassles of downtown Charleston law firms.

Specific areas of practice include:

Family Lawyer

– A family lawyer must understand the sensitivities behind the lawsuit and family it self. One of the most common lawsuits in family law is a divorce. Going through a divorce is tough for everyone in the family and is especially rough for the kids involved. We have spouses and children just like you and will do our best in every way to make everyone feel comfortable in the process.

Personal Injury Lawyer

– Dealing with a personal injury can be devastating to your whole entire life from being out of work to not being able to perform activities of daily living. You deserve compensation for what has personally happened to you. For this compensation, you will need a personal injury lawyer to support your case. We will work hard to get you and your family the compensation you deserve from your personal injury.

Criminal Lawyer

– Our criminal defense lawyers are here to guide you in the best direction regarding your criminal charges. We understand this can be a daunting time in your life and want make sure you are stable physically and emotionally during this trying time. A Charleston criminal defense lawyer can help with charges including robbery, drugs, felony charges, and the most frequent is driving under the influence better known as a DUI. A Charleston DUI lawyer can surely fight for your rights during your DUI case and will be able to help with your South Carolina license suspension that comes along with being charged with a DUI in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Our firm offers affordable and aggressive representation. Whether you are facing criminal charges, have family law issues, or were injured in an accident, contact us today.

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