Class Three Weapons Trusts

If you are a gun advocate like we are at Thrower & Schwartz then you are familiar with Title 2 weapons (commonly referred to as Class 3 weapons). These include sound suppressors, shorts barreled rifles (SBR), short barreled or "sawed off" shotguns (SBS), transferable machine guns(including registered parts), "any other weapons"(AOW) and any other accessories regulated by the ATF through the National Firearms Act (NFA) or the Gun Control Act of 1968. Though not legal in all states, these are legal in South Carolina as long as the proper forms and taxes are paid to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF).

Although legal, individuals face several challenges to legally obtain these weapons in the Lowcountry. The ATF requires registration of all Title 2 weapons and the process can be lengthy. For an individual to obtain a Title 2 weapon in South Carolina they must fill out the required forms, affix a two-by-two individual photo along with fingerprints, and have the application signed by your local chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) and pay a one time 200 dollar tax per item. Many find that local law enforcement is either too busy or unwilling to sign the required ATF paperwork, leaving them with little recourse to legally and rightfully obtain and own Title 2 weapons. Registration to an individual also can cause problems with regard to who can actually hold and shoot the weapon as well as other problems with should the individual pass away or become incapacitated. Having a NFA Firearms Trust can help you legally obtain your Title 2 weapons faster and legally.

The benefits of a NFA Firearm Trust include but are not limited:

  • No CLEO signature required
  • No fingerprints required
  • No photographs required
  • Shortens time for the paperwork to clear the ATF
  • Privacy
  • Incapacity or death is more easily handled

If you own or are interested in obtaining any Title 2 weapons and want to shorten your wait time or lower costs then contact Thrower & Schwartz to set up your affordable South Carolina specific NFA gun trust today.