Criminal Defense Attorney Dorchester County DUI Lawyer

When you consider the possible outcome for non-representation, the benefits of having a Dorchester County criminal defense attorney become apparent. There are numerous advantages to employing the use of a criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer in Dorchester county when you find yourself needing legal representation. In Dorchester County, there is no need to face the complicated judicial system unprepared and alone.

In South Carolina, DUI laws are meant to deter irresponsible drinking whenever there is a need to engage in driving activities. This encompasses the social drinker who makes the mistake of having a drink and winding up behind the wheel. Officers are allowed to initiate a drunk-driving arrest, simply on the basis of suspicion of being impaired.

If you are pulled over for suspicion of being under the influence, you may be instructed to take a breathalyzer test. This test will determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Refusing to submit to the test could result in a civil action, and the state may seek to suspend your driver’s license. But taking the blood alcohol test and failing it will also have negative consequences. This is why you need a Dorchester County DUI lawyer to come to your defense. If your BAC is over .08, you will likely be on your way to the police station.

Criminal and Civil Charges

There is no doubt that there could possibly be severe consequences if you are charged with driving under the influence in the county of Dorchester. There could actually be criminal and civil penalties to pay, following the outcome of your legal case. Without a good DUI and criminal defense attorney, you could easily find yourself facing large fines, jail time, or both. However, the right Dorchester County dui lawyer can help you win your case, or at least receive less severe penalties. Mandatory substance abuse treatment or community service may not be the most desirable sentences, but they are much better than the alternatives.

Depending on the circumstances of your case (and the level of BAC), it is actually possible to still lose your license, even though you win the DUI case. This fact alone is reason enough for you to seek out a good Dorchester county criminal defense attorney and dui lawyer. Notice the possible consequences that can result from a DUI charge or conviction.
Possible Consequences Include:

* Suspended driver’s license
* Revoked driver’s license
* Related violation and legal fines
* Increase in auto insurance premiums
* Loss of job
* Incarceration

Benefits of Representation

As you can see from the information previously discussed, there are many benefits of having legal representation, especially when dealing with a DUI case in Dorchester county.

They can help you when you are first arrested and continue fighting in your behalf, right until the end. You won’t have to be in the dark about the charges you are facing, and the possible outcomes, both favorable and not so favorable.

The DUI or criminal defense attorney on the case will help point out the best options for you, and work hard to plan the best strategic defense. After a thorough examination of the details of your case, you may be surprised to learn that your attorney can help you achieve a better outcome.

One strategy that your attorney might recommend after reviewing your case is to have the DUI charge challenged. This means going to court and having a jury trial. Your counsel will be there to use all the legal knowledge they have, to get you an acquittal. Clearly this is the most desired outcome.